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hiru edizioa

The «Hiru Edizioa» txakoli collection is based on Basque mythology and, specifically, on three of its most notable creatures: Lamia, Galtzagorri and Tartalo.

Each kind of txakoli in the collection is represented by one of the mythological beings and set apart by the amount of Hondarribi Zuri or Hondarribi Beltza used to manufacture them, resulting in three different types: the first one, white, based on the enticing Lamia; the second one, rosé, based on the mischievous Galtzagorri; and the third one, red, based on the imposing Tartalo.

mockup lamia

The font chosen for the names, Mollie Glaston, is a uniquely styled serif that intertwines certain characters together, giving them a dreamy, fairytale title-like feel. The branch atop the names themselves is used as a hint at nature, a recurring motif in all of Basque mythology.

The most prominent aspect of the label is the central image, which features a simplified representation of each bottle’s signature mythological being, such as Tartalo’s single eye or the Lamia’s duck feet.

galtzagorri etiqueta
galtzagorri etiqueta trasera
tartalo etiqueta trasera
tartalo etiqueta

All the labels have a UVI varnish finish on the names, giving them a remarkable shine and texture and lending them greater strength. The H in «Hiru Edizioa» on the back label also features this same finish.

mockup lamia
lamia etiqueta trasera

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